Awesome Things to do in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada is the premier skiing destination in Eastern Canada. It is a gorgeous place full of natural beauty, wildlife and seclusion. A little known secret is that Mont-Tremblant is a full year resort destination as well. I am not a big skier so I was happy to go up in late May and discovered there are a lot of things to do in Mont-Tremblant in the summer and there were so many more that I wasn't able to do because of a limited timeframe. Here are awesome things to do in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Scandinave Spa. I have been fortunate to do a lot of different spa treatments and types of spas around the world. I'm not big on skin treatments at fancy places as I'm happy with my at-home ways to minimize pores and other remedies. However, I do love a good massage or a good spa experience. I have had pretty amazing spa pool experiences in places like Bali, New Zealand and Iceland where each offers something different to their spa experience. Helicopter Ride. I've said it before and I'll say it again, anything to do with a helicopter is awesome! The helicopter ride I took with Heli Tremblant was no exception. The experienced pilots and brand new helicopters were the best way to really see Mont-Tremblant and the surrounding areas. I think I went at one of the best times to do the heli ride. The greens are out in full bloom, the lakes look marvelous and the weather happened to be amazing the day I went; which always helps! Golf. I love golf as most of you know but I get to play far too seldom mainly because of my travel schedule and where I live, as New York City is not really conducive to playing golf. And if you play golf, you know that you need practice to maintain your level of play. So when I got the chance to play Golf Course in Mont-Tremblant I wasn't expecting to play my best but I just wanted to have some fun and get out there! I definitely accomplished those things! I'm a super laid back guy and always like to have fun and always want the people around me to have fun and feel comfortable as well. So golf is a great thing to do with your buddies, especially with a few adult beverages! I got the opportunity to play with Don, the club pro at the course and we had a blast. He was a great guy and we just told stories and chatted for 3.5 hours on the course. The course itself is beautiful. There are a ton of sand traps; some of the biggest I’ve ever seen and yes I got caught in a few. However, I played pretty well overall especially on the back nine after I warmed up a little bit. The 15th hole is the signature hole but I might argue that the par 3 6th was the coolest hole. I bogeyed both of them but they were gorgeous nonetheless!The thing that impressed me the most about the course and their sister course I saw driving in was how well manicured and what great shape they were in this early in the season. Considering it had snowed a week before, I was pretty impressed! Not to mention my consistent 300+ yard drives…my short game was another story…but that’s golf! Eat. Mont-Tremblant has no shortage of places to eat in the cute little village at the base of the mountain. It is similar to a place like Whistler in this regard but Mont-Tremblant is much smaller and more manageable. Just stroll around the little village and you’ll find ample shopping, restaurants and watering holes. In my short two day stay I ate at 3 places worth checking out when you’re in Mont-Tremblant.