Awesome Things To Do in Vienna, Austria

I know this may sound trite and generic but walking around Vienna is such a pleasure. You can walk for hours and look at immaculately kept buildings with historical significance going back centuries. There are museums that rival anything at the Smithsonian and the gorgeous boulevards are reminiscent of Paris and other great European cities. Basically, just by walking around you'll come across many things to do in Vienna. I won't go into excessive detail on the museums or the parliamentary buildings but they are worth checking out. However, when I say walk around I really mean just take a series of strolls around Vienna. Get lost in the city center and around every corner is an unexpected surprise. If shopping is your thing, you'll love walking around Vienna, especially if watches are your thing. If sightseeing is your speed, you're golden. If cafes and restaurants are your jam, Vienna will be your favorite city. However, mix them all together with amazing architecture, lively streets and historical beauty and you've got Vienna. If you have followed me for a while then you know I love food and I love restaurants. I always try to sample the best in restaurants, bars and street food wherever I go. Vienna is a culinary haven. It has similar but different food from commonly thought of as German food. First and foremost, the best wienerschnitzel I have ever tasted is from just off the main square. The veal schnitzel is divine and add some lemon juice for a perfect schnitzel and of course offset it with a local Viennese lager or pilsner. This is a very popular place for tourists and locals alike and the pork schnitzel is outstanding. It's a little complicated to find so use your maps app but in a little shopping arcade just off the main square is where you'll find this gem.Tafelspitz or boiled meat is a popular local food in Vienna and there are numerous places you can get it. The most famous is Plachutta across from the opera house. It is a different kind of taste served in a pot with boiling soup. It also comes with bone marrow and bread that the Viennese love. I must say I am not a marrow guy but the Tafelspitz was pretty darn good and is certainly amongst the top things to do in Vienna.In terms of sausage, the top place I went to and I visited a few in my 3 days in Vienna was Bitzinger Wurstlestand. It is literally a little stand across the street from the opera house. It is awesome and they also sell excellent pretzels too. There may be a line but it’s well worth the wait.Finally, if you’re looking for some ethnic, meaning non-Austrian food head over to Naschmarkt. It’s a very local place with many outdoor cafes where locals can get pretty much any type of food imaginable. On a short visit, unless you’re really jonesing for Thai food, I wouldn’t recommend it but if you’re in Vienna for a while then definitely check it out! Schoenbrunn Palace. Schoenbrunn or Schönbrunn Palace is a formal summer imperial residence and it is the single most impressive thing to see in Vienna. It has a lot of historical significance. Most notably in modern times, it was the venue for the historic summit between President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev back in 1961. Nowadays it is mostly used for tourism but it is impeccably kept and well worth the price of admission.