Montreal is the most "European" North American city and a favorite destination within a driving distance for those of us in New England who crave the "old town" on a long weekend.There is of course more to Montreal than the "old town". We have recently paid yet another visit to the city to attend Gymnastics Worlds Championships and came up with this list of OUR TOP THINGS TO DO IN MONTREAL. Visiting Olympic Complex. I love the Olympics and visiting historic 1976 Olympics complex in Montreal was a must for me. It is here at the Montreal Arena during 1976 Olympics that Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci posted a first perfect "10" in a major gymnastics competition! While we were in town for the Worlds Gymnastics Championships 2017, the area between the Olympic Tower and the Biodome was renamed to Nadia Comaneci Plaza (yes, Nadia was there and we got to take a picture with her). There is lots to do in the Olympic Complex, starting with the Guided Tour of the stadium which is included with the Since 1976 Exhibit admission. Olympic velodrome has been converted to the indoor nature Museum Biodome and is a great way to spend a couple of hours with kids of different ages. We had so much fun riding to the top of the Montreal Tower, that we are including it as a separate item on this list. Riding to the Top of Montreal Tower. The world's tallest reclined structure at 165 meters, Montreal Tower was originally designed to hold the cables for the retractable roof of the Olympic Stadium. The multi-story observatory was added later and it is now a great place to look over the city amidst the photos of the Olympics's most memorable moments.Visiting a Museum. Montreal has a number of interesting museums housed in diverse areas throughout the city, including Fine Arts Museum, Insectarium, Science Museum and Montreal’s Archeology and History Complex Pointe-à-Callière, which we have visited on this most recent trip. Pointe-à-Callière – is a unique place that is intricately connected to its site in the old Port area – the very site where Montreal was founded. It is an interactive showcase of Montreal’s history which my husband declared A MUST for both kids and adults visiting the city.Taking a Walking Tour of the Old Town.Guided walking tours is my favorite way to experience a city. Montreal’s Old Town is compact enough for a 90-minute tour times two: Guidatour offers Old Montreal East and Old Montreal West 90-minutes walking tours. I took the East side tour which starts at the other Montreal’s MUST – 1829 Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica. After touring inside the Basilica, we went on a pleasant stroll along the cobblestone streets and through the major sites of the Old Town while our guide Rene highlighted the city’s French and British origins for us.Taking a Cruise on St. Lawrence River. We love to capture the city from the river, if there is one, of course! Saint Lawrence River begins at the outflow of Lake Ontario, flows through Montreal among several other Canadian cities before draining into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the largest estuary in the world. We chose a 1.5 hour guided Montreal sightseeing cruise by AML cruises which starts at Alexander Pier in the Old Port (the company also offers a variety of food/gourmet cruises.) The Montreal Port, we are told by our guide, used to be one of the world’s greatest. It still allows passage of the big ships from Boston and even the other side of the Atlantic.